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cheapest alternative to Canada Post. best alternative to Canada Post
If you live in Canada, Canada Post has long been the gold standard for all your mailing needs. Many businesses has relied on it to delivery mail and parcels all across Canada and internationally since 1867. And for the most part, the have proven to be a trustworthy choice for many businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, as it is arguable the main delivery company in Canada, Canada Post has been expensive over
marketing ideas for small businesses in toronto, ontario, canada
It can be argued to that marketing is the most important aspect of any growing business. Some of the most successful business out today are the result of creative marketing ideas. Marketing is the act of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. In order words, marketing is how you tell customers who you are and what you have to offer to the world. In a highly saturated and competitive business world, many businesses fail
how to collect money from clients who wont pay
In Canada, one of the biggest challenges some services businesses face is collecting money from clients who wont pay their invoices. If you use invoices to collect payments for services performed, chances are you may have been in situation where a client is slow to pay or does not want to pay. To collect money from clients who won’t pay their overdue invoices, small businesses should begin by following up with the client by email and phone or speaking directly to the company’s billing department. If your efforts still don’t get you paid for your services, consider hiring a collection agency or seeking the advice of a lawyer to explore your legal options, including arbitration or filing a lawsuit.
best free tax filing software Canada
Tax season is fast approaching and so is the stress of finding the right tax software, bookkeeper or accountant to file your taxes. In Canada, the process of filing taxes has improved a lot over the last 20 years. Prior to tax filing software, remember when people used to file tax returns by paper? Whew, gone are the days of paper filing your tax returns. And slowly but surely Canada is starting to phase out other outdated means of filing such as telephone filing.
tax deductions for sole proprietors in canada. sole proprietor
Although there are no specific tax deductions for sole proprietors in Canada, there are many ways in which they can reduce their taxes this upcoming tax season. Here are 7 tax deductions for sole proprietors to pay less taxes.
find a bookkeeper in canada. professional bookkeeper in canada
Finding a bookkeeper in Canada can be a challenge, especially with so many available. These days, bookkeepers are a dime a dozen. A knowledgeable and trust worthy bookkeeping is crucial in saving you a headache for your business in the long term. So how on earth do you find a bookkeepers? In this article, we will discuss the best way to Find A Bookkeeper that is right for your business. We will give you 9 places of where to find a bookkeeper. In addition, we will describe how to find a bookkeeper and things to look for.
fastest ways to get instagram followers in Canada
Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms on Earth. In 2020, an estimate of billion people used the platform. Some for personal use, and others for business use. Regardless of what it is used for, everyone wants to find the fastest way to get Instagram followers! This article will discuss the fastest ways to get more Instagram followers in 2021.
how to get more customers to your business in canada
In today’s world, businesses are everywhere. Everyone now has the means and […]
best bookkeeping softwares in canada
For most businesses, finding and choosing the best online bookkeeping software can be a headache. With so many online bookkeeping softwares in the market, how do you know which is right for your business?
free etsy fees calculator
If you are an Etsy business owner, chances are that you have used Etsy's financial dashboard in your business activities. But did you know the financial dashboard does not give you all the information to probably track your etsy fees?

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