Best Custom T Shirt Suppliers in Canada

Canada has many t shirt suppliers but which ones are best for blanks, custom t shirts, print-on-demand, and eco-friendly. Check out the best t shirt suppliers in Canada.

If you are a T-shirt business in Canada, having the right custom T-shirt supplier can do a lot for your business. In Canada there is a limited supply of print on demand companies and as a result, many have turned to wholesale T-shirt suppliers for their blank T-shirt needs.

Canada has many wholesale T-shirt suppliers across the country. Each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Some T-shirt suppliers offer cheap wholesale shirts for higher profits whereas others may offer more premium T-shirts for luxury or better quality high priced shirts. There are also T-shirts suppliers who now offer sustainable and eco-friendly wholesale T-shirts for those environmentally conscious.

The right wholesale custom t shirt supplier for your business is one that helps you run your t shirt business successfully and fits in with your brand. Picking the right wholesale T-shirt supplier in Canada can make it much easier for you to run your T-shirt business without any headaches.

In this blog we discuss some of the best wholesale T-shirt suppliers across Canada. In so doing, we categorize the T-shirt suppliers as follows:

  • Best cheap wholesale blank T-shirt supplier
  • Best customizable wholesale blank T-shirt suppliers
  • Best print on demand T-shirts in Canada
  • Best sustainable and eco-friendly wholesale T-shirt suppliers

If you are a new t shirt business owner or an existing T-shirt business owner, this blog will help you navigate and find wholesale T-shirt suppliers near you.

Let’s get started.

Best Cheap Blank T-shirt Suppliers in Canada

Cheap blank T-shirt suppliers are just that – cheap and affordable. The focus for these suppliers is to offer low priced T-shirts to business owners in order for business owners to make as much profit on their T-shirts as possible. These wholesale suppliers are not focused on quantity, rather than quality of T-shirts they can sell to business owners.

Many wholesale T-shirt suppliers will fall into this category however some may have certain advantages over others.

Let’s take a look at some of the cheapest wholesale suppliers in Canada.

Blank Shirts

blank shirts cheap wholesale shirt supplier in canada.

Blank shirts was established in 2006 and has been offering low cost blank T-shirts for T-shirt businesses schools and governments across.

They don’t have a minimum amount to order which means you can order anywhere from one or more T-shirts. However it does cost less to order in bulk.

Regardless of how cheap their T-shirts are they still claim first quality for the T-shirts.

The company carries T-shirts from common low cost T-shirt brands including Gildan and the Authentic T-shirt company to name a few.

Blank shirts does not only carry T-shirts but they also carry hoodies and sweaters, tank tops, polo shirts, hats, jackets and pullovers, pants or shorts, button ups, bags and more. All the apparel clothing are ready to print for your needs. Each a pair also has a variety of sizes and colours to choose from.

You can order directly from the website and have the T-shirt shipped to you wherever you are in Canada.

Blank Apparel

Blank apparel is similar to blank shirts in the way they sell wholesale T-shirts to customers. They were established in 2009 and I’ve been selling wholesale blank T-shirts for over 13 years. They themselves as a low cost wholesale T-shirt supplier in Canada. With a 4.6 star google review rating they are worth checking out for those looking for low cost wholesale T-shirts in Canada.

Blanca Apparel offers no minimum orders, same-day shipping and accept orders from schools governments and PO boxes.

They carry over 37 brands ranging from cheap brands such as Gildan to more expensive brands such as Nike Lacoste and New Balance. Dear lowest price T-shirts range from $3 to $4 depending on how much you order.

The company not only carries T-shirts but they also carry other forms of clothing including tank tops, pants, jackets, and hats just to name a few. Each of these peril are blank and can be customized. Needs.

Wholesale apparels can be ordered online on their website only.

Tshirt Ideal

wholesale clothing apparel in canada

Tshirt Ideal has a primary warehouse in Quebec but ships across Canada to Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

The offer no minimum order size requirements and 99% of all the orders ship on the same day. What makes T-shirt deal impressive is the ability to price match your products to other competitors.

T-shirt deal offers blank T-shirts from many brands including premium and name brand apparel. Their lowest price apparel typically start at $2 and $3.

Of course like other wholesale T-shirt supplier state also have sweaters hoodies and a variety of other apparel to choose from.

The offer discount rewards for buying in bulk and show real time inventory stock at their warehouse.


bulk t shirt supply for t shirt business

Needen is a is a globally recognized wholesale clothing supplier. In Canada, they have their main location is in Toronto and Quebec. Starting your journey 2017 they’re known as the largest wholesaler in Canada. Due to their reputation, they are able to work with some of the best brands to get the best deals on clothing and other apparel.

With needing customers are rewarded for buying in bulk. The more you buy the more discounts you receive. That being said there is no minimum order and customers can order anywhere from one or more T-shirts.

The company carries affordable brands in order to cut down cost for you. You can still find more premium T-shirts on their website however you’re limited on the selection of these.

Need an accepts all major payment methods including credit card swallows interact transfers. For those buying in bulk the offer payment plans using Sezzle.

Northern Blanks

wholesale blank apparel in canada

Northern planks is one of Canada‘s largest wholesale T-shirt suppliers. They have locations across all of Canada including Vancouver, Calgary Toronto and Richmond Hill. As a result of the multiple locations across Canada orders are typically processed within one day and received within one to three business days.

For those looking for namebrand wholesale T-shirt supplier is not in bright blanks is your go to. They have blanks ranging from the popular Gildan, to more popular brands such as Nike, champion, dickies, addidas, the northface and more.

More noticeable is the fact that they also carry apparel for the youth.

In addition to T-shirt blanks in northern blanks also offers apparel such as hoodies bags jackets headwear and even dress shirts. All the apparel comes in a youth size and an adult size. For those with businesses that serves children, Northern blanks may be your first option to look as your wholesale T-shirt supplier.

T-shirt prices range anywhere from three dollars to four dollars and there’s no minimum order to purchase. is a Vancouver-based wholesale T-shirt supplier. However, they have show rooms based in Vancouver. They also have their warehouse located in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec in New Brunswick. Most orders arrive within one to two business days based on the proximity of your warehouses. offers brands such as Gildan, Bella Canvas, confession flex fit, and more.

There’s no minimum order to make a purchase but both discount start at 12 items on every products. There is free shipping on all orders over $5000.

Do you pair doesn’t just stop at T-shirts like other wholesale suppliers they also offer dress shirts, outerwear, T-shirts headwear and many more other items.

With a Google rating of 4.8 stars and being part of the better business bureau you can expect high-quality service from them. All T-shirt orders can be placed online. The company also has YouTube channels to give you a better idea of how the T-shirts looks live and worn.


cheap wholesale t shirts. premium wholesale t shirts.

Fabrik is a wholesale clothing supplier in Canada that offers the largest selection of famous brands and t shirt blanks at competitive prices. They have over 49 famous brands and over 1800s styles for less.

Primarily located in Ontario they offer shipping across Canada use multiple warehouses across the country. Customers can get wholesale T-shirt another payroll starting as low as two dollars.

Fabrik not only offers T-shirts but also offers sweatshirts, headgear, outerwear, polo shirts, and many other apparel.

There’s no minimum order limit and customers can start ordering one or more pieces of item.

Blank Clothing

cheap blank t shirts for printing. streetwear shirts wholesale canada

Blank Clothing Praise themselves and being distributors of blank promotional apparel design specifically for printing and embroidery applications. They typically serve businesses leagues team schools and organizations. If you need apparel that needs a logo blank clothing may be the perfect choice.

They have quality outwear, athletic wear, work wear, uniforms, sweaters, polos, and more. There’s no minimum order but the more you purchase the more you save with bulk discounts.

Blank Clothing operates out of a warehouse in with Richmond Hill Ontario. As they do not have warehouses across Canada shipping would depend on the proximity to that location.

SanMar Canada

SanMar Canada is another wholesale T-shirt company that operates under the parent company- Authentic Tshirt Company.

They have locations across Canada including BC, Alberta and Ontario.

SanMar Canada offers exclusive apparel pricing to registered members. Their apparel is ideal for established clothing retailers or suppliers in Canada.

They have all kinds of clothes and a pair of waiting for T-shirts too protective wear, pants to woven shirts and even workwear.


tshirt blanks

Blanks offers wholesale t shirt blanks for all ages. They have a wide range of high-quality wholesale clothing accessories including T-shirts hoodies jackets and pants.

With more than thousand products in various colours and sizes you can be sure to find something that fits your needs. Blanks carries wholesale blank apparel from recognize names such as skilled in North and fruit of the Loom, ATC, Bella + Canva and many more.

Blank has been in business in Canada for over 20 years and can be trusted for your wholesale apparel needs. There’s no minimum order size requirements at nine 9% of all orders ship on the same day.

Best Custom Blank T-Shirt Suppliers in Canada

Having a T-shirt supplier that not only supplies wholesale T-shirts in bulk but also customizes the T-shirts with designs can be a game changer.

These T-shirt suppliers usually have the own software which allows users to freely design the apparel for printing. For business owners this means outsourcing the bulk of your T-shirt tasks to a reliable source.

Typically those that offer wholesale customizable T-shirts require a minimum orders from each purchase. The suppliers typically offer different types of printing including screen printing and direct to garment printing as well. The ones you choose will depend on how much you’re willing to spend in order to make a profit for your T-shirt business.

Listed below are some of the best customizable wholesale custom T-shirt suppliers in Canada.


clothing wholesale canada

PrintedShirts is Canada’s one stop shop for custom printed by embroidered T-shirts hoodies call shirts and promotional products. They are located in downtown Winnipeg Manitoba area however they ship across Canada.

The company carries T-shirts polo shirts and work shirts jackets cabs other promotional products that can be customized to your liking.

There is typically a minimum order of 12 units for customized printing and embroidery. Printed Shirt does not offer orders for uncustomized shirts. This makes it ideal for T-shirt businesses or retailers who want to fully outsource their custom T-shirts or apparel prints.

Those who want to customize their apparel have to go through three steps following which they will get a quote for apparel and design. Printed shirts only allows for screen printing and embroidery printing.

There also offer services to build stores for group orders and special events.

That Shirt

tshirt printing in canada

That shirt is a custom apparel company in Canada that offers more than just custom printed T-shirts. They have a wide range of designer shirts, hoodies sportswear, and also casual attire to print on.

They operate online and the company is run by groups of individuals across Canada. ThatShirt has 7-23 years of experience in screen printing digital printing brand management retail management and digital assets.

For those not sure of a design to use, That Shirts offers simple designs to use on your apparel. If you’re not satisfied with their designs you can also upload your own for your apparel.

If you’re not sure about how much your design will cost that shirt offers quote requests. With quote requests you can fill out a simple form to get all inclusive pricing and options available to you.

Tees n More

customizable t shirt printing

Tees and more are the number one customized sub apparel supplier in Canada. Do you offer free shipping for orders over $100 and I’ll be double pricing on customized apparel.

They are conveniently located in Ontario and are capable of shipping items across Canada. The company carries many T-shirt and apparel brands that can be easily customized by means of various printing methods.

Teaser Moore has three different printing options. They include screen printing digital prints and embroidery printing. Customers need a minimum order of 50 items for screen prints and embroidery prints. There is no minimum item purchase for digital prints.

Customizing your payroll or T-shirts as easy as selecting your products choosing the colour that you want entering the quantity and uploading the image for your print. Customers have the option of picking the type of print that they want and a location where they want their image to show up on their apparel. Unfortunately however, their software does not let you you see how your image looks on their apparel. Once you’re satisfied with your choices the software will calculate the cost of your items without shipping. The shipping price will be calculated at checkout.

There is no discount for buying in bulk and customers cannot purchases standalone apparel without designs.

T-Shirt Time

custom t shirt in canada

Tshirt Time focuses on customizing principles of a wide range of varieties. They are conveniently located in the GTA (Toronto, ON). With their platform, you able to customize T-shirts hoodies crewnecks polos mugs caps and more. They do not require a minimum or maximum order limit and they offer group discounts for any orders with 12 pieces or more.

Tshirt time uses a design software to customize all their products. The design software has a variety of features to make your design become a reality. Customizing your T-shirts with T-shirt time is easy with your online design editor. To customize your T-shirt all you have to do is pick from hundreds of colours and styles. Customize a T-shirt to your liking by uploading your own graphics or photos so using a template on the design editor. Lastly, submit your design to be printed.

Tshirt time also has a storefront to pick up your apparel after it has been printed. You can also shop from their 100s of pre made apparel designs.

Best Print-on-Demand Services in Canada

Nowadays, starting a t shirt business as been extremely easy, especially with print-on-demand services. Print-on-demand services are ideal for those looking to start dropshipping t shirt businesses. A dropshipping business is a business where the buyer creates a storefront to products, but directs the fulfills of sales to another company. The owner of the storefront never touches or even sees the product in this process. Most t-shirt and apparel stores are operated in this way. The biggest advantage is that the store owner never has to deal with inventory.

Print-on-demand services work with business owners to print customizable apparel on their behalf. Once a sale is made, the store owner then pays the print-on-demand service to fulfill and ship the order. The products are printed on a per-order basis and shipped by the print-on-demand service under the store owner’s brand and designs.

With print on demand, you only pay for a product after it is sold therefore you don’t have to worry about buying and holding onto inventory.

When choosing a print-on-demand supplier, be sure to check their location, price, quality of products, and their lead, fulfillments and shipping times.

For example if you are a t shirt business in Canada, It may not be a good idea to choose a supplier that is located outside of Canada to fulfill orders as this may result in long delivery times. At the same time, you want to also questions services that have extremely low prices or quality products as this will result in lots of returns and unhappy customers.

Use Google reviews and other resources available to you to choose your the right print-on-demand for your business.

To help you out, here are some of the best print-on-demand services in Canada. All of these services are free to set up (you only pay when you order a product), plus they integrate with your Shopify store and other e-commerce stores..

Let’s look at some of the best print on demand services in Canada.


print on demand customizable shirts

Printful is the best choice for print-on-demand sites because it has a wide selection of high-quality products and brands (Gildan, American Apparel, etc.), an easy-to-use mockup generators, and customizable branding.

Printful has its main headquaters in USA but they have now built a warehouse in Canada to fulfill Canadian orders in Canada.

They offer various printing techniques including:

  • Direct to Garment – this technique allows you to print directly on t shirts and other apparel. It is their most popular and most affordable. It allows you to print multiple colors including gradients.
  • Cut and Sew – this is also known as “all-over print.” For this technique, Printful cuts the garment and prints all over it, then sew the garment back together. This is one of their premium products and costs more than other print techniques.
  • Embroidery is a sewing technique commonly found on hats. Printful uses this printing technique on hats and t shirts. It is best to use this technique for items that don’t have lots of color or color gradients.

All of Printfuls design is made possible by their seamless design software that creates life like apparel designs in realtime. Once you create a design, you also have the option of creating mockups with the design and publishing them straigh to your e-commerce site.

The platform integrates with major e-commerce sites including Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, Bigcartel, and more.

Besides apparel, Printful also offers mugs, bedding, pillows, framed posters, beach towels, aprons, and more.


printify custom t shirts for t shirt business

Printify is another great print-on-demand service for t shirt business owners. Unlike Printful, they outsource their apparel printing to a fleet of international vendors all over the world. With this network you can work with them to dropship apparel with their network of vendors in Canada. The platform boasts over 200 products you can print on.

Printify is free to use, but they have a premium subscriptions for growing businesses. Their premium plan is $29 per month and give you 20% off of all products. There are also more advances plans for those that have large orders.

For those looking to create customized apparel, Printify has a a design software with doubles as a mockup generator. You can custom any apparel with this software and share on your e-commerce site instantly.

Users can get the benefit of the following features with Printify:

  • Integration with eBay, WIX, Etsy, Woocommerce, and Shopify
  • Access to mockup generator
  • Creation of manual orders
  • Self-service from the help center 24-hour support
    • and more.


print-on-demand in canada. t shirt dropshipping vendor in canada

Printbest started as family-run brick and mortor t shirt printing shop back in 1999. They are now a print on demand and dropshipping company for businesses in Canada and United States and Canada. They can print orders in 1-2 days with fast shipping and wait time.

Printbest sells t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and tanktops. These items can be sold on your e-commerce platform seamlessly with integrations. Currently, Printbest allows selling on Woocommerce, Shopify and Etsy.

This print-on-demand service offers flat rate shipping with UPS throughout all 10 provinces in Canada excluding Newfoundland Island, and in the Contiguous United States (lower 48 states). Larger quantity orders will use carrier-calculated live shipping rates with UPS or FedEx.

Like other print-on-demand store, they use a design software to help you customize your apparel

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Wholesale T-shirt Suppliers

For those looking to make a change in the world, sustainable or eco-friendly wholesale t-shirt may be a great choice. As we know, the earth is being rapidly polluted and it only a matter of time before the damage is completely irreversible. As a result if may be advantageous to do our best to protect as much of the Earth as we know it right now.

This is deal for eco-friendly brands, hoping to reduce grow a conscious business by reducing waste and having a strong message behind their brand.

Eco-friendly t shirts are made of natural organic materials such as cotton, bamboo or recyclable material. They are manufactured in a way that contributes minimal damage to the environment.

Here are some of the best materials and techniques used to make t shirts eco-friendly:

Recycled plastic: There is a  known fact that 80% of most “recyclable plastic” are actually not recyclable and end up in the landfill. In fact, every plastic ever made, probably still exists in some form by the time you read this blog because they take millions of years to decompose compared to other material. As a result of this, some have taken it upon themselves to reuse plastic and make them in to clothing. Some can make a single t-shirt from 4 plastic bottles.

Sustainable cotton: The typical cotton used by most clothing brands contain pesticides and other harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Sustainable grown cotton reduce water usage and avoid the use of fertilizers to improve biodiversity in the process.

Avoid toxic chemicals and dyes: The dyes used in clothing leech into river streams and drinking water, making them toxic. Sustainable t shirts sometimes use color-zen technology or environment-friendly colors that don’t have hazardous chemicals and therefore pose no threat to our drinking waters.

Of course, not all places that claim to sell eco-friendly apparel actually have eco-friendly apparel. It is always wise to questions their methods of productions and how they source their material to get the full picture of what you are buying.

Eco-friendly shirts are known for their high quality and work best for those looking to create a premium clothing brand. As a result of their high quality, they are priced much higher than your typical wholesale cheap t shirt.

Choosing the right eco-friendly t shirt for your brand however, can make a great business story that resonates with your audience or niche. In this sections, we lists the best places to buy wholesale eco-friendly t shirts in Canada.

Organic 4 Nature

eco-friendly custom shirts canada.

Organic 4 Nature is an ethical brand that uses certified organic cotton and recycled polyester for their apparel. The company claims their apparel are 100% traceable, and  ethically made. They also use screen washers that reduce water consumption by 50% and uses eco-friendly black in from reclaimed ink to reduce their environmental footprint. All their eco-friendly apparel are sourced in Canada.

Their apparel features extra soft organic cotton, preshrunk by 5%. It is also made with side seams for a more modern look and better fit.

Organic 4 Nature uses screen printing, laser etching and embroidery on their t shirt and apparel.

They require a minimum order of 50 units per style and colour.

Organic 4 Nature is located in Toronto, Ontario. They do not offer customization of their apparel.

Relish Apparel

eco-friendly blank shirts made in canada. customizable shirts in canada.

Relish Apparel uses sustainable fabrics to produce high quality, wholesale garments that are made in Canada. They stand by 3 main philosophies: zero waste, sustainability, and transparency.

Relish Apparel makes all their products from sustainable material, including their packaging. Their apparel are made to order and means they only produce what is needed and avoid excess stock. Their packaging also comes from recycled materials. Any leftover scrap material is repurposed into cozy dog beds.

Relish Apparel relies on environmentally friendly material to product their apparel. They use materials such as organic cotton, wood pulp blend, lyocell and oeko-tex. All these materials are used to ensure the least environmental damage possible while still maintaining quality in product.

Similar to Organic 4 Nature, Relish Apparel does not customize their apparel. All apparels are made blank.

Relish Apparel is made by locals in Calgary, Alberta.

Conclusion to Custom T Shirt Suppliers in Canada

If we have seen from this list, there are many t shirt suppliers in Canada that will help you fulfill your t shirt business need. Picking the right one will ultimately depend on what you want to achieve with your brand and business. Remember to consider the following when picking a t shirt supplier for your business: price, location, shipping, automations, customizations, warehousing, environmental impact, quality of products, ease of ordering, flexibility in orders, minimum orders, and reputations. Ask yourself which one of these things are important for your business and brand as this will make picking the right custom t shirt supplier easy for you.

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