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Helping small business owners automate their business.

Hi there! I am Samuel. I am a freelance bookkeeper, tax preparer and creative problem solver. I help business owners manage the tedious part of their work and more importantly, automate their business.

What makes me unique from other bookkeepers is my background. Prior to being a bookkeeper, I was a researcher, in charge of managing hundreds of data points. I used various programming tools to condense and capture information in a very simple and comprehensible way for doctors and nurses.

In 2016, I switched careers to become a bookkeeper. Working as a tax preparer and a bookkeeper in various industries, I noticed many inefficiencies in work processes. Many things were being done manually, where the was technology available to automate it. It was at this point forward, where I decided to start my own bookkeeping business with the goal of educating business owners about cloud accounting and the importance of business automation.

With my background, my goal is to make your business process a fluid part of your life, not a burden. This is key in my ambition to help businesses spend more time enjoying life and what they love most about their business.

Understanding the challenges my clients face is of increasingly importance to me. If you have a problem, I make it my business to help you find a solution, no matter how big or small.

Currently, I enjoy working as a freelance bookkeeper with business owners in the following industries:
E-commerce, Photography, Fashion, Janitorial/Cleaning, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Consulting, Web design, and Graphic Design.

I look forward to taking on your business challenges and helping you send more time on what matters to you through automation!

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