10 Fastest Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms on Earth. In 2020, an estimate of billion people used the platform. Some for personal use, and others for business use. Regardless of what it is used for, everyone wants to find the fastest way to get Instagram followers! This article will discuss the fastest ways to get more Instagram followers in 2021.

Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms on Earth. In 2020, an estimate of billion people used the platform. Some for personal use, and others for business use. Regardless of what it is used for, everyone wants to find the fastest way to get Instagram followers!

For businesses and influencers, having Instagram has proven to be very beneficial. It is a great way to sell products services directly to customers. Many use Instagram to find out what customers needs and problems are. Others use it to provide value to customer. And millions use it as a primary means to advertise their product/services to potential buyers.

Regardless of how or what you use Instagram for, we can all agree it is a great tool to network and attract thousands, even millions to your brand.

This article will discuss the fastest ways to get more Instagram followers in 2022.

Without further a due, here are 10 Instagram features to get more followers and grow your brand or business in 2022.

1) The Instagram Search Bar

how do you find someone's instagram account. how does the instagram search feed work?

This feature is overlooked but can help you be found on Instagram by millions. The Instagram search bar has been a feature since the app was created. It is used to find hashtags, users, and even locations.

Understanding how the search bar works is key to using it correctly in order to reach more followers.

How the Instagram Search Bar Works

If you click on the Instagram search button, you will be directed to the explore page of Instagram. From there, you can tap the search bar.

When you tap the search bar, Instagram now gives you suggestion of trending, popular, or featured key terms you can search. Examples include “diy flooring”, “cozy nights”, “fortnite teams”, etc, depending on your interests.

Search for any of these suggested, or popular keywords will reveal popular Instagram hashtags, and users associated with that keyword.

It makes sense that Instagram will pull hashtags from a keyword search but how does it know which users to bring up? They key lies with the user’s “Name” on Instagram. Not the username, but the words or keywords inputted in the “Name” field of your Instagram profile.

Instagram uses matching keywords in a users “Name” field as a criteria to populate and rank users in the search results.

For examples, if I search “home workouts” in the Instagram search field, changes, are that you will find users who have “home workouts” or some variation of it as their Instagram account “Name”. Here are a few examples of this:

You can easily be found on Instagram, by using a popular or niche keyword.

How to Be Found On Instagram Search Results

Use these instructions to be found on Instagram’s search results:

  1. First, do research on the keywords in your niche using Instagram. Not every keyword in your niche is searched for by Instagram users. To research, type in the keyword in your niche and see if any popular terms come up. Any one of the terms that show up in the results, should be used as your Name on Instagram
how to use the instagram search bar to get more followers

2. Once you pick a name or keyword, click your Instagram home button

how to be found on instagrams search feed

3. Next click edit profile

how to be found on instagram search feed

4. Tap the Name field

how does the instagram search bar work?

5. Input the name or keyword in “Name” field

Choose your keywords carefully; you are allowed a few characters in this field. Also note that the keyword can only be changes twice in 14 days.

It may take about a week or two to start seeing results depending on how active and popular your Instagram page is.

2) Choose A Consistent Instagram Grid Layout for Your Posts

Planning how you want your Instagram to look can save you a lot of time in the future. The Instagram layout should reflect your business brand the value your a give to your customer.

Most Instagram businesses make the mistake of not choosing an appropriate Instagram layout for their brand. They then end up wasting a lot of time every trying to figure out what to post on their business Instagram page. Don’t make that mistake.

Your layout should be one that immediately identifies who you are to customers, your values, and your preposition. By planning your layout properly, you are also planning for post ideas in the future. This will save you a lot of time.

Here are a few Instagram post ideas to try. Mix and match these posts for your brand:

What to post for Instagram. Instagram post content ideas for 2021. Instagram posts ideas for 2021
Instagram post content ideas for your niche, product, or service business.
  1. Before/After product or service results
  2. Videos on how to use your product/service
  3. Motivational quotes
  4. Question and answer about your product or service
  5. Testimonials or reviews about your product or service
  6. Work in progress videos for your product or service
  7. Posts about your team or staff
  8. Video challenges in your niche
  9. Profile picture posts
  10. Stock pictures that describe or enhance your brand
  11. Tips on how to solve a problem in your niche
  12. Collaboration posts with other brands
  13. Funny or entertaining pictures or videos in your niche
  14. Noteworthy news stories in your niche
  15. Post on what your product or service offers
  16. Thank you posts for reaching milestones
  17. Giveaway posts
  18. Post about exciting news or updates in your niche

3) Follow Followers On Other Pages in the Same Niche As You

follow back button on instagram

This strategy helps especially when you are starting a new page with zero Instagram followers. The fastest way to get followers on Instagram is to follower other pages that are in the same niche as you.

For examples – if you are in a home decor niche, you should start following other people who are also following home decor pages. Since these people are already following a niche that you are in, they will be curious to see what you offer and follow you if they like your page. The same works for any other niches.

This strategy works extremely well for business and influencer Instagram pages more than it does for personal pages. It targets people who are potentially interested in your product/service.

Use these steps to get followers from other pages:

  1. Use keywords to search for other pages on Instagram in the same niche as use using the search function
  2. Tap the followers button of the other Instagram pages
  3. Follow about 50 to 100 of their Instagram followers
  4. Repeat step 1-3 at least once a week

By using this strategy you will be able to get Instagram followers in no time. Make sure your Instagram page is appealing to your audience and speaks volumes about your brand.

4) Post At Least Once a Day

Instagram is a platform that encourages and rewards those that post something everyday.

Without posts, you will not being able to reach anyone and chances are that you will not get followers. When starting with 0 followers, it is important to post at least once a days (more is encouraged, but no more than 4 times).

Make sure to post different media including regular posts, IGTVs, reels, and stories. The more versatile your posts,t he more Instagram rewards and organically promotes your page to other viewers.

5) Use Strategic Hashtags in Your Posts

Hashtags are another key strategy to plan for when trying to grow your Instagram followers. Hashtags are keywords used to describe Instagram pictures and videos.

Instagram combines videos and images using the same hashtags and groups them together in the search page. When users search for keywords within Instagram, they can also search for hashtags using those same keywords.

So do hashtags work on Instagram? Hashtags work only when used carefully. Overuse of hashtags can actually be detrimental to your Instagram page.

In order for Instagram Hashtags to work for you, follow these hashtag do and don’t:

How to use Instagram hashtags to get more followers. Do hashtags work for instagram? Here are the best instagram hashtag ideas.

Remember, these rules are not set in stone but are considered good practice for Instagram hashtags. Using a combination of the above strategy is ideal to see the results of using Instagram hashtags to get more followers.

6) Use All Of Instagram Features

how to use all the features on instagram

Today, Instagram has now evolved to have many ways to interact with users. Instagram users can now interact with others by using posts, reels, guides, IGTVs, stories, lives, and shops. You can choose to post videos, photos or audio in all these features. Here is a brief description of each Instagram feature.


Instagram posts are the main feature of Instagram. With posts, users can post videos, pictures, or audio on their page in clever and creative ways. Videos for posts can only be a minute or less which is plenty of time to leave a compelling message to others. There is no limit on the amount of video or pictures you can posts. However, it is best to show versatility and switch things around. Instagram favours videos overs pictures as they are more appealing to the eye. Videos also allow users to stay on the platform for a longer duration of time. Think about reaching more user with breathtaking videos on your next Instagram post.


Instagram reels are a new Instagram feature. Think of Reels as a the Titktok of Instagram. Reels are short videos typically 15 seconds. It conveys a direct and entertaining message to users. Since Reels are fairly new, Instagram will favour accounts that use it on their page. Consider getting a Tiktok account to get inspiration for reel videos.


Another new feature not commonly used are guides. For businesses, this is a must use tools if you need to educate your customers on a particular topic. Guides allows users to recommend posts, products or places on Instagram. If you are a service business, you should look into the post guide feature to create how to guides centered around your business niche. These are a great way to keep your clients interest in your service and how it can help them.


IGTVs are like the YouTube of Instagram. They allow long videos (over a minute) of any type of content. These are a great way to show your customers more in-dept features about your product or service. The best videos on IGTV are compelling interviews, controversy, and shocking videos. Anything that will drive an emotional response from a user.
Instagram stories are 24 hour posts that typically feature a day in your life. They are great for previewing content and features to look forward to.

Instagram Stories

Then, there are Instagram stories. Instagram stories also has many features included such as polls, questions, shout-outs, and message boxes. Use the Instagram stories to ask questions your that your followers are wondering about. Or use it to convey a quick message to them. Instagram stories work well in the spur of the moment and allow for great interaction with users. Like the other features, you can add videos, pictures, hashtags, and user tags to your Instagram stories. There is no limit on the amount of stories to post as they expire every 24 hours.

Instagram Live

Let’s not forget Instagram lives. Instagram lives are an extension of Instagram stories. With an Instagram lives, a user have a live conference with another user. Instagram lives can be up to 60 minutes (1 hour) but users can end and start a new live once the 60 minutes is up. Lives are great for connecting with others in your niche. It allows users to introduce themselves to new followers. You will get new followers after a live session with someone else in your niche.

Instagram Shop

Instagram shop is great for business owners. It is another great function to use to attract more followers and curious buyers. It allows you to add products directly to your Instagram page and tag products in pictures as well. Instagram shop pulls its product catalogue from Facebook. You need a business Facebook page with a catalogue of your products to get products listed on Instagram shop. Once that is done, connect your Instagram page to Facebook to view all your products on Instagram. Instagram has a page specifically for shopping. It contains many products based on your interests and interactions on Instagram. You too can have your products featured on the Instagram shop for others to see.

Instagram rewards those that use all their features so make sure you try each feature at least once. The more creative and engaging your content is, the more you can attract more followers on Instagram.

7) Perform Collaborations with Others In Your Niche

how to use instagram live to get more followers
Source: Instagram

Instagram is a social network and therefore it only makes sense to use it collaborate with others.

The best way to collaborate on Instagram is to engage in a live session. Lives sessions allows you to have a live interaction with another Instagram user. This live can be view by both your follower and the other user’s followers.
Other ways to collaborate on Instagram include:

  • Do a video with another user in your niche
  • Create a video challenge with another user in your niche
  • If you are a business, send your products to influencers to review

With collaborations, you can gain Instagram followers fast by getting the followers from other users to follow you.

8) Use Paid Advertisement to Reach People Faster

Paid advertisement is the fasted way to reach a lot of people and gain Instagram followers fast.

Instagram runs paid advertisement through Facebook to promote posts, or stories. The awesome thing about this is that each post or story has a call to action. Use these calls of action to entice user to visit your Instagram page.

With paid advertisement on Instagram, there is no limit as to the amount of people you can reach. As long as you have the budget, you can reach millions of people in very short amount of time.

9) Interact with Others on Your Page and Other Pages

interact with other users on instagram to get more followers

Another great way to get more Instagram followers is by interacting with others on your page on other pages.
You can interact with others by doing the following:

  • Thanks users after they follow you
  • Reply to comments that move you
  • Reply or like all comments on your page
  • Give shout-outs to users that inspire you.

These strategies are especially good for businesses. They are a great way to break the ice, keep your followers, and easily engage them. Most users that follower you on Instagram will be strangers so make sure you make them feel like your friends. The more time you take into getting to know your users, the higher the chance that will follow you on Instagram.

10) Be Entertaining with Your Posts

how to make viral instagram video posts

Most people are on Instagram to pass time. We turn to our Instagram feed when we are bored, or cannot sleep. And usually, it is the most entertaining content that catches our attention.

If you are looking to get Instagram followers fast, your videos must be entertaining and keep user looking for more. Here are some of the best entertaining videos to get Instagram followers fast:

  • Funny videos
  • Meme pictures and videos
  • Funny voice over on popular videos
  • Funny Comedy skits
  • Recreating popular videos in an entertaining way

Have a strategy of going viral with anyone of these ideas. The more entertaining or emotionally driven your video is, the higher the chance it will go viral. Keep this in mind when making entertaining Instagram videos.

Conclusion to the Fastest Way To Get Instagram Followers

These 10 tips will help you get Instagram followers fast if use together. Use as many features that the platform offers to engage your current followers and gain new ones.

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