2022 Etsy Fee Calculator (Excel File for Office 2013+)


If you are using your Etsy CSV to track your Etsy Fees, STOP! Here are a few things to make note of from your Etsy CSV file:

• First of all, the Fees & Taxes in your financial dashboard only relates to transaction, listing and marketing fees, and does not actually include the taxes and other fees such as shipping fees, paid to Etsy. The fees associated with taxes and shipping can only be found in your Etsy CSV file.

• Second of all, the “payment” transaction is actually a transfer from your credit card to your Etsy account for insufficient funds. Not a payment from Etsy or to a costumer as you may have guessed

• Third, the “deposit” is money paid out to you by Etsy (less fees, refund). Not money given to you by Etsy.

• Lastly, you have to calculate the discounts from sales and refunds using the CSV file. Etsy does not provide this calculation

  • With this Free Etsy Fee Calculator, there is no more guessing or wasting time.
  • View a summary of all your Etsy transactions in details or in a summary in seconds.
  • Easy to use
  • Simply Copy & Paste your Etsy csv into the worksheet and that’s it! No need to modify it or anything :).
  • View all your Etsy transactions in seconds
  • The Etsy Fee Calculator breaks down your Etsy csv into a more readable format.
  • Summary for Each Month
  • This Free Etsy Fee Calculator is able to organize your transactions by month in an easy to read summary
How to Use

Use the Calculator in 3 Easy Steps:

• Step 1: Download your Etsy CSV from your shop manager dashboard.

• Step 2: Copy & Paste Etsy csv data into the “Drop” tab of this excel.

• Step 3: Click the “Breakdown” tab for a breakdown and summary of your etsy transactions


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