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The perfect Accountant! He help me out with all my questions. I will recommend it and work again with him! Thank you so much Samuel. You are the best



I needed someone to automate my shopify with Quickbooks. Samuel was able to do this and now I only spend 1 hour per month on bookkeeping. A lot better than the hours I spent trying to figure it all out.



Paperless Books helped me fix my quickbooks. It was a mess. Quickbooks is too complicated for me so I am grateful they were able to bring it up to date for me.



Bookkeeping & Payroll

  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Bank Reconcialiations
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Bookkeeping cleanup & catchup
  • Tracking sales and posting expenses
  • Payroll runs


  • Filing Sales taxes
  • Personal tax return filing (T1)
  • Self employment tax return filing
  • Prior year return tax filing
  • Real estate properties tax filing

Virtual Assistant

  • Onboarding, training, and accounting support
  • A/R and A/P tracking and accountability
  • Bookkeeping transfers / switch overs / conversions
  • Help as needed

Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Service Prices

Our services includes everything for small businesses to self manage, automate or hand over your bookkeeping, taxes and payroll to a trusted team.

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Currently serving the following business in Vancouver, BC:

Business startups • E-commerce businesses • Freelancers • Consulting businesses • Marketing businesses • Cleaning / Janitorial services • Paralegal Services • Shopify stores • Graphic Designers • Uber / SkiptheDishes businesses • Nail Salon businesses • Retail business • Photographers • Landscape services • Online businesses • Etsy business • Dropshipping business • Inventory businesses • Rental Property business

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Coquitlam • Kelowna • Delta • Kamloops • Nanaimo • Surrey • Burnaby • Richmond • Abbotsford • Vancouver • Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bookkeeping software do you service?

Bookkeeping softwares to use

Generally speaking, the best bookkeeping software to use for your business depends on multiple factors including: the types of transactions in your business, whether you want to an online or offline software, the size of your business, and even the number of people employed. Most bookkeeping softwares in the market are more than capable of handling the bookkeeping needs for small to medium sized businesses.

We recommend choosing a software that is flexible, has automation features, is easy to learn, and accessible 24/7. These bookkeeping software require little to know effort to setup, and can integrate with multiple softwares to allow for automated accounting tasks. One such software is Xero, WaveApps, or Quickbooks.

How is a bookkeeper different from an accountant?

Bookkeeping vs Accounting

A bookkeeper handles the day to day of your accounting tasks including recording and classifying your company’s financial transactions such as sales, payroll, payment of bills, etc. Their focus is on accurate record keeping with less focus on the analytics.

Accountants on the other hand are more involved with the analysis of the recorded transactions. They will help you understand what your financial reports mean and advice on way in which you can improve your business. Accountants generally do not handle the day to day accounting tasks. Rather they more so oversee the tasks done by bookkeepers to ensure their accuracy.

This does not mean a bookkeeper cannot provide or analysis your financial statements. Nowadays, bookkeepers are more than equipped based on experience to provide advice on your business especially when it comes to process management.

What types of businesses do you service?

Types of businesses

Currently, we are servicing small and medium sized businesses with transactions ranging from 50 – 10,000 per month

How often should I do my bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping frequency

Bookkeeping for your business should be done at least ones per month or weekly depending on the number of transactions you have for your business.

A business with transactions in the hundreds can get away with doing bookkeeping once a month. If you have transactions ranging in the thousands, you should consider doing bookkeeping at least once a week.

Do you do accrual or cash basis bookkeeping?

Accrual vs cash basis bookkeeping

In Canada, most businesses are generally required to do accrual based bookkeeping. This is the recording standard required by CRA and are acceptable for international accounting regulations.

How often should I report my sales tax?

Sales tax frequency

The reporting period of your sales tax is determined by Canada Revenue. You can look into the your CRA business account to find information about the timing of your sale tax reporting.

Do I need to report my business on my personal tax?

The only time you need to report your business’ income on your personal tax is if you are self-employed or in a partnership type business. If your business is incorporated, you will need to file a corporate tax return and a personal tax return separately.

I use a different accounting software than what your website advertises. Can you still do my bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping software

Absolutely! One of the things were are great at is being able to adapt to different account software in the market.

Simply let us know where you left of with your previous bookkeeper and we will take care of the rest.

How secure is my personal information with your business?

Online bookkeeping security

Every software we use to manage your bookkeeping is equipped with a multi-layer online security system. This includes two-step authentication, online storage, encryption and security warnings. We will brief you on these precautions during our on-boarding meeting.


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